Do you want to have a constant opportunity to take part in a funny and dynamic online fight at your finger tips? Then WILDS is for you! We’ve put together the best for you! Build, shoot and command your troops in arcade moba of a new generation. Play with your friends whilst convenient adaptable control and pleasant visual style will help you to enjoy the game from the first minute.

Secrets of pandoria

 Join forces with the goddess Pandora and restore the beautiful land of Pandoria back to its former glory! A wonderful world of magic and mystery, fun and excitement awaits you in this joyous, friendly game!

Kids' –°orner

 Enjoy amazing interactive fairy tales and stories for kids, free children games and abc alphabet for preschool kids.If your kids are going to preschool you can give them our ABC Alphabet in English and Russian with little games and phonics for toddlers and babies! Soon they will be able to read baby books by themselves.

Versus Fight

 Versus Fight is an addictive turn-based fighting game where you can choose a character and fight other players in real-time battles. You and your opponent take turns to plan your attack or defense by using special moves and consumables. Pick one of 12 unique characters each with its own unique abilities and over 30 skins